We are the everskill team

We are the everskill team - the heart of our company. We get up every morning to perfect our product, to offer our customers a great experience and to get better ourselves.

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Our leadership team

We have many years of experience in the areas of training, change management and the implementation of international projects.

Daniel Schmelzer

Dr. Daniel Schmelzer

Program Development
  • PhD on behavioral psychology (empathy as management behavior)
  • Expert in developing Learning & Development trainings
  • Six years of consulting experience for Boston Consulting Group (design of worldwide e-learning trainings)
  • Many years of training experience in the areas of communication and leadership behavior
Benjamin Ganal

Dr. Benjamin Ganal

Finance & Strategy
  • Expert for change and transformation projects of complex corporate organizations
  • Six years of consulting experience for A.T. Kearney (project manager of international projects with focus on strategy and operations)
  • PhD on learning in startup internationalization
  • Two years experience as startup coach
Christian Uetz

Christian Uetz

Marketing & Sales
  • Deep experience in transformation projects for large industrial corporations 
  • Seven years of consulting experience (project manager at Roland Berger with focus on market entry strategies, sales and transformations)
  • Two years leading and building sales and marketing organizations at Hilti Deutschland AG
Stefan Lülf

Dr. Stefan Lülf

Partner management
  • Five years consulting experience at McKinsey&Company in Germany and the USA (project manager with focus on IT strategy in the public sector)
  • Training experience in the areas of communication and project management

  • PhD on the beginnings of aviation in the Weimar Republic



We are everskill

Benjamin Benjamin


Finance and Strategy

Six years management consulting (A.T. Kearney). PhD on learning in startup internationalization. Two years startup coach.

„Build a great, sustainable company that disrupts the training market and the way people learn.“
Cecilia Cecilia


Customer Engagement

Master’s degree in psychology from the University of Mannheim. Thesis about enhancement of  transfer of training content. Work experience in an enterprise and in consulting.

„I love working on making trainings more sustainable and having an impact in the field of personnel development – and doing all that side by side with a great team.“

Jonas Jonas


Customer Engagement

Master in Management at the TU Munich. Focus on leadership and the role of emotions in organizations.

„Digitalization offers great opportunities to facilitate learning processes. Nevertheless, personal contact will always be key to excite people in the long run.“ 

Carlotta Carlotta


Customer Engagement

Masters in Social Changes and Participation in Munich. Focus on cooperation and communication development.

„The people here are awesome. It’s like being part of a nice family working together to support people to become and feel better.“

Stefan Stefan


Partner management

Seven years consulting experience at McKinsey&Company. Worked with a social venture capital fund. PhD on Modern History.

„I love to put ideas into action and discuss with smart people within everskill and at our partners.“

Christian Christian


Marketing & Sales

Seven years management consultant. Project Manager at Roland Berger. Two years marketing and sales manager at Hilti.

„Building something significant with a brilliant and fun team is the best thing that can happen to you. I love the way we innovate the L&D market and boost training impact.“

Henrik Henrik


Engineer of regenerative energy technology. Several years of experience in set up and management of sales structures.

„I think it's great that as a young company we are able to react creatively to our customers' wishes and implement them professionally."

Marvin Marvin


Bachelor International Technical Sales Management from TH Aschaffenburg with experience in energy management and semiconductor industry.

„Working to help people become the best version of themselves? There is no other motivation needed to wake up every morning.“ 

Ines Ines


Projekt Management

Bachelor in media & information. Works in project management for four years now.

„In an innovative and structred environment, I would like to be inspired by a goal, bring in new ideas and make a difference.“

Tobias S. Tobias S.


Customer Engagement

Two years strategy / change consulting at Boston Consulting Group. Sustainability Blogger. Softskill trainer.

„The moment when somebody tells you that you helped her improve. She tells you how her team benefits from it her new leadership style.“
Jakob Jakob



Programs since the 80s. Worked a lot of areas in IT and different settings.

„I want to enable people to share what I learned.  I am interested in various topics, from IT to psychology and history.“
Tobias H. Tobias H.



Master in Computer Science at TU Munich with focus on robotic and artificial intelligence. Android developer since always.

„I am convinced by the idea to support others in reaching their personal goals. Additionally I enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in our offices where we also learn from each other.“

Senthil Senthil



Doing his Masters in Informatics at the University of Passau. Focus on Information and Communication Systems.

„From friends to bosses, the environment has given me great learning opportunities. The weekly table football tournaments enhance the team building, motivation and inspiration."

Chetan Chetan



Master in Information Technology from FH Kiel. More than 5 years of experience in iOS development. Passionate about mobile app development.

„I love the way that everybody brings their innovative ideas on the table and strives to make them happen. I like working at everskill where everyone helps each other and celebrates success together.“ 

Metin Metin



Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering. Focus on iOS Development with 5 year experience in software development.

„Im always in search of more useful, efficient and simple solutions and love doing this at work while learning, sharing and having fun at the same time.“ 

Danilo Danilo



Front End developer with a Degree in Game Development.

„Being part of a team focused on making people improve is one of the main things that really keeps me motivated to give my best on our projects.“

Marcos Marcos



Bachelor in Telecommunications Engineering completed at the Polytechnic University of Valencia with one year at TU Munich.

„I love the atmosphere in the office. We are constantly improving and at the same time we have a lot of fun together every day. It is really exciting how fast the company grows!“

Boon Boon



Bachelor Degree in Business Analytics. Focus on data processing.

„I love it when I am able to glean insights from raw data, and bring value to the company in the process. As a team, we are highly encouraged to learn new technologies and eventually implement them.

Sanjay Sanjay



Masters in Informatics from TU Munich with seven years work experience in software development.

„Being a part of a young, dynamic and fun team in which everyone is striving to improve themselves and the team, without losing sight of the bigger goal.“
Daniel Daniel


Program Development

Six years Boston Consulting Group. Expert on e-learning and training. PhD on behavior psychology.

„Our team can joke around while working focused on content at the same time. I love the fact that we are building-up something extraordinary.“
Cordt Cordt



M. Sc. in Robotics. Started at everskill from day one after running his own start up for two years.

„I really like that everyone’s opinions and ideas matter which fosters a great team spirit. Still, I can see the impact of my daily work in different shapes.“

Miriam Miriam



Management studies at the TU Munich. Since 2016 excited to improve the product continously.

„The way we work and learn is changing steadily in our society. For me, everskill represents an innovative approach of this trend and I enjoy being part of it.“
Laura Laura


Human Resources

Bachelor and Master in Business Psychology with focus on Human Resources. More than 1,5 years experience in HR.

„I am driven by everybody’s motivation and vision here at everskill, to grow individually and to reach a common goal. Everybody is unique in its own way.“

Work and life at everskill

The everskill family consists of 25 members (probably more if you read this). We enjoy being a small team in which everyone knows each other. But we are also happy to welcome new members to our family every month.

We work hard every day to make everskill successful. But working animals also need a break and fun phases of relaxation.

We all enjoy our lunch breaks in our courtyard, our cozy kitchen or – thanks to the amazing location of our office in the city center of Munich – in the restaurants around Stiglmaierplatz.

And we all (or at least most of us) enjoy our emotional daily table soccer games and our after work beach volleyball games and beers.

We live our vision: Monthly trainings are not only a matter of course for us, but also a part of our motivation to improve the world of trainings.