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everskill is a digital follow-on program following soft skill trainings. The digital coach helps training participants to integrate the learned content into their day-to-day work. In this way, we increase the effectiveness of trainings and make training effects measurable.

Please contact us directly, so that we can give you further insights into our program and discuss potential integration possibilities during a personal demo. Once a specific project has been defined, we will jointly define learning goals and determine content for the app. In order to ensure a smooth process, we will also coordinate with your workers' council and data protection officer if necessary.

At the end of the program, training managers receive an aggregated and anonymised final report on their training. Thereupon, all collected usage data and contents will be deleted and access to the everskill app expires. If necessary, a passive phase can be set up to bridge times between different training modules.

We have already supported employees of DAX companies such as Siemens and OSRAM in securing the transfer of learned content. Furthermore, consulting firms such as Boston Consulting Group and Kienbaum are relying on our innovative power. Even large training institutes such as LEAG from St. Gallen integrate everskill into their trainings.

We focus on ensuring the implementation of learned content after existing trainings. However, we can recommend external trainers from our network if necessary.

Together with the training managers or trainers, specific learning goals are derived and defined via a phone call or a personal meeting.

Trainers have the opportunity to interact with training participants and to share content via the Feed and Knowledge Center.

Participants will receive an email with their login details for the everskill app in the run-up to the training. At the end of the training they are then introduced to the app and jointly determine their first personal learning goals.

We are happy to match our app to your corporate colors and use an appropriate avatar that represents your company.

We have had very good experiences with training groups with 10 to 25 participants. However, both smaller and larger groups are possible.

Our digital follow-on program is suitable for all soft skill trainings, such as leadership, communication, presentation and sales trainings, but also for change programs (e.g. for the introduction of corporate values).

In the run-up to a training, we develop learning goals together with the trainers and coordinate the integration of the program into the training. In order to be able to offer participants a seamless learning experience, we maintain close contact with the trainers during the program.

We analyze which learning goals are selected and practiced by participants. For this purpose, we use the confirmation rate with which the participants confirm the respective goal. You receive aggregated data on which components of your training are well received by the participants and which still have potential for optimization.

In order to enable you to measure success and to allow for in-depth reflection, we prepare the results for your company in a vivid way on an aggregated level after the training.

We have already successfully worked with workers' councils of companies such as Siemens. We recommend to include them early in the process.

All data will be processed securely and in accordance with the German Data Protection Act. Personal data is never shared and results of the training analysis are only passed on to those responsible for the training at an aggregated and anonymous level. Thus, it is never possible to draw conclusions about individual participants.